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Victoria Cooper
Victoria Cooper
Behaviourist, Mentor, Coach

Always in good hands

“My passion for dogs started as a child when I lived on our family farm. I have been interested in dog training and behaviour for as long as I can remember. I started a formal study in this field in 1994 and over the last 25+ years have gained extensive qualifications and a wealth of specialist knowledge, expertise and training skills to help you with your dog. I continue to attend seminars and courses to keep up with my professional development and offer you the most up to date education in dog training and behaviour.”


Victoria Cooper

What Can I Do For You?


Behaviour Consultations

Dogs can experience a wide variety of emotional and psychological disorders which can cause them distress or trigger undesirable behaviours.

Sometimes a dog’s behaviour can be difficult to live with or manage, which can be a very worrying and upsetting time.

During our behaviour consultations, I will guide and support you in overcoming these problems.


Reactive Rover

Does your dog lunge at other dogs? Start barking at strangers or growl at cyclists?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions you may have a “reactive” dog. Reactivity means that a dog is triggered by something or someone to show undesirable behaviour, such as barking, growling or lunging.

Over the years, I have specialised myself in this area and have successfully rehabilitated many dogs using only kind and ethical methods.

Classes & Workshops

Have you just welcomed a new addition to your family? Are you looking for a high level of support to for you and your dog?

In 1994, I founded People & Dogs, a successful dog training school in Sheffield.

My team of qualified dog trainers work together to bring you the best in puppy and dog training.

What we do

Behaviour Modification

We start with an initial in-depth behaviour consultation to assess your dog thoroughly. Based on this information, I will help you to understand your dog’s problems by looking at the causes and offer solutions to reduce and manage the behaviour with a tailor-made behaviour modification program. I only use kind, effective, reward-based training techniques and do not advocate the use of any methods that inflict pain or fear. Depending on the severity of the problem, some dogs require follow on lessons where I will continue to coach and guide you in achieving effective and practical results.