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Training vs Behaviour

Animal Training is the art of teaching an animal new skills and desired behaviours. Puppy classes are a perfect example of dog training. During the classes, we teach the puppies desirable life skills.

Behaviour Modification requires a deeper knowledge of a dog’s emotions, their natural behaviours and psychology. Behaviour modification includes understanding and assessing your dog’s psychology and actions, and the motivation that triggers the undesirable behaviour. After the behaviour has been understood and analysed, we then work on changing the emotions that drive the problematic behaviour. Behaviour Modification is a holistic approach that considers your dog’s age, health, lifestyle, and previous experiences to ensure that an ethical comprehensive service is provided.


Behavioural problems include:

Aggression towards people • Aggression towards dogs • New baby preparation or anxiety • Separation distress • Fears, phobias and anxiety (such as fear of loud noises, fireworks etc.) • Excessive barking • Chasing livestock, joggers, cyclists, traffic • Destructive behaviour • Multi-dog household problems • Repetitive or compulsive behaviour


Behaviour Programmes

NB: follow up lesson will take place according to the dogs needs. (Payment plans can be arranged).

NB: follow up lesson will take place according to the dogs needs. (Payment plans can be arranged).


Victoria is a reputable and experienced dog behaviourist, a full member of the International Canine Behaviourists and International Companion Animal Network and, therefore you can be assured that she is able to offer you the most up to date, science-based, and humane training methods to help restore your relationship with your dog.

Victoria will provide a detailed and supportive service for owners who are struggling with their dogs’ behaviour.

Victoria will start with an in-depth athome assessment of your dog, followed by a 4-week course of 1-2-1 lessons to guide you in practical management and desensitisation skills.

Reactive Rover

Victoria specialises in helping dogs that are fearful or reactive. She has many years of experience in dealing with dogs with anxiety. She will guide you through tailor-made rehabilitation lessons. This is a specialist field of teaching with each dog/owner team supported and mentored in order to achieve the most effective results.



I decided to go to Victoria and People and Dogs after 58 years of rescue dog ownership. I thought I knew a bit about dogs as I had never lived without one or two dogs since the age of five. However, it was only when I attended some courses and 1:1 sessions with Victoria that I realised how little I knew. It was immediately obvious that this lady was a true professional in her field and it would have taken her many years of study, practise and dedication to build up the expertise and knowledge that she has. Like me, I could tell she was also passionate about animal welfare and I know, first hand, that the kind techniques and training methods she teaches really do work. She taught me numerous ways to manage a behavioural issue my dog had suddenly developed which are now invaluable to me.

David Neal

I cant recommend Victoria from people and dogs highly enough, she is so kind and caring. She has helped me and my dog so much, we have used her a few times and I’m very happy with everything she has done to help us. The knowledge and understanding Victoria has is amazing. Thank you for all your help x

Toni Moore

Thankyou again Victoria for your patience and kindness in teaching me the skills needed to help Basil and Dill enjoy walks and focus on me instead of reacting to every passing dog. I have enjoyed every session with you and can’t recommend you highly enough. You are brilliant!!

Julie Goude

Our trainer Victoria is extremely knowledgeable and friendly and we have seen amazing progress in our rescue dog Rocky since we started training almost 12 months ago. We can now take him to classes with other dogs, something we never thought would be possible, and I cannot thank you enough.

Sarah White

We have been having one to one sessions with Victoria for our reactive little rescue dog, Stanley. It’s early days but is already making a big difference, both during the sessions, and also in our everyday home life which is much calmer, enabling better communication between us and Stanley.

Abigail Hackett

Victoria at People and Dogs has helped me rehabilitate two pretty damaged rescue dogs to date and I’d highly recommend her. Both my dogs were / are exceptionally anxious at first – to the point that they wouldn’t even let me approach them, so I needed to be certain that any help was from a qualified behaviourist who would not use aversive methods that could further traumatise the dogs. With Victoria’s help we managed to transform my first rescue dog from a nervous wreck into a happy little dog who lived with us for 9 years. The second dog is an ex stray from Romania who was feral when we adopted her. 10 months down the line and she is now a much loved family pet who has overcome most of her issues (fear of traffic / men / loud noises) I can also now walk her off lead, which at first looked like it would never be possible! I simply couldn’t have helped these two dogs without Victoria’s help and advice. Would not hesitate to recommend – it’s such a worthwhile investment to have dogs that are trained and responsive!

Claire Blank

I have a very small dog and used People and Dogs for puppy training….. that was six years ago. I still see Victoria in Graves Park and she still remembers my dog Pepper…. She is full of excellent advice, her training techniques DO NOT involve any cruelty or aggression towards the dog … her one on one help is always the best !!! Can not speak highly enough of her…..

Karen Willsmer

Had a 1:1 session with Victoria to assess and help with my unsocialised rescue dog. She gave me loads of practical advice and actions that have helped me to de-sensitise him resulting in a much happier dog and family. Cant recommended enough.

Catherine Shipley