About Victoria

30 Years a Dog Professional

Building relationships

Victoria is dedicated to supporting and coaching dog owners. She is an experienced, qualified and Certified Canine Behaviourist and Dog Trainer with over 30 years experience in teaching people how to train their dogs.

In 1994, Victoria founded People & Dogs, a successful dog training school in Sheffield, UK. She has worked as a freelance Behaviour Consultant with the Sheffield (RSPCA) Animal Shelter, has been consulted as behaviour expert by Sheffield Dog Rescue and is the Behaviour advisor for Rain Rescue. She has also worked with various solicitors to act as Expert Witness in several Dangerous Dogs court cases.

Victoria’s training facilities are in Dronfield, and she covers South Sheffield, Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire and the surrounding areas.

Only the Best

Ethical and kind

Victoria’s mission is to guide you in building a trusting harmonious relationship with your dog. She has acquired specialist skills and knowledge gained over 30 years of academic study and experience to help you overcome your dog’s behaviour and training problems.  She is specialised in Lead Reactivity, Aggression, Resource Guarding and Trauma and takes a special interest in Overseas Rescue dogs.

Another area of expertise is with Cockapoos and Doodle crossbreeds after adopting one herself 10 years ago.  Daisy, her Cockapoo had multiple behavioural problems including possessive aggression that needed specialised skills to overcome.  Since these little dogs have become so popular, Victoria has worked with hundreds of them to help their guardians to understand them better.

Victoria says “These little dogs are fun-loving, versatile, super smart and dynamic. They make great companions but as I know myself and have worked with so many worried guardians, I am fully aware that they can also develop behavioural problems if they are misunderstood. “

Victoria is a full member of the International Canine Behaviourists, ICB  and a Certified Behaviourist under The UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter

As well as a member of the Pet Professional Guild and the Pet Professional Network

She is also an Approved Instructor with the Dog Training College

Victoria has also been consulted as an Expert Witness on several legal cases.