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Online Support

Online Support & Solutions

This 60-minute online support service is designed to give you help and advice on how to prevent, control and manage behaviour problems. This service is suitable for mild behaviour problems that might not need follow-up lessons.

During this session, you can ask questions about your dog’s behaviour and Victoria will give you solutions and guidance.

After scheduling your session, you will be redirected to an Online Behaviour Support form. It is ESSENTIAL that you complete this with as much detail as possible so that I can prepare for your session.

Following the session, you will receive the Zoom recording  and any accompanying handouts.


Online Support

What is involved

This support service is perfect for people who can’t afford an in-depth behaviour programme or for those
who are out of our travel area or those who can’t get to our training field at Dronfield. It is also useful to get
on top of any behaviour concerns before they become too established.

Online Support

Behaviour Problems

Common behaviour problems that might benefit from this service include:

  • Territorial barking
  • Excitability around visitors
  • Stealing
  • Mild guarding issues
  • New baby concerns
  • Accepting a new puppy
  • A new rescue
  • A dog that is struggling to settle
  • Grooming issues

Please note: if your dog has more serious problems such as a bite history or reactivity towards other dogs which will need follow up practical training, then I suggest you book a more in-depth programme. Details of which you can find here.